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BiosWork helps businesses find workforce solutions for high-turnover positions.

BiosWork assists businesses in finding workforce solutions for high-turnover positions such as janitorial, maintenance & grounds support, linen prepping, packaging and more.

Finding Dependable Employees

Finding dependable, loyal and enthusiastic employees for high-turnover, entry-level positions can be challenging for employers. Turnover is costly to your bottom line and negatively impacts your culture and employee morale.

BiosWork provides solutions to your workforce challenges by working closely with you to understand your organization’s needs and culture. We connect you with employees who are a good fit for your company.

We can also provide advice on disability accommodations. For more information on individual group placements, contact the BiosWork employment manager in your area.

Meeting Your Production Needs

For particular projects or specific types of work, BiosWork can contract with you to provide group placements to meet your production needs. We have recently had successful group placements at JCPenney, Ashley Furniture, Cintas, Tulsa Zoo and United Linen. For more information on group placements, contact Shannon Holcomb at 918-229-1046 (office), 918-637-9755 (cell) or

Greatest Untapped Resources

People with disabilities are among the greatest untapped resources in the U.S. workforce. These employees have higher retention rates and lower absenteeism than their non-disabled counterparts. BiosWork provides loyal, reliable and hard-working people for employers just like you. In turn, your business will enjoy reduced turnover.

Employees with Disabilities

The life experiences of employees with disabilities bring unique perspectives that foster new ideas, innovation, problem solving and adaptability. Employees with disabilities often benefit organizational culture by generating positivity and a spirit of inclusion.

Employer Training & Support

We work with your organization to identify areas where additional employer education might be helpful. Our team is available to assist management and leadership teams.

Contact Our Team

We are here to assist. Call or email your local employment manager today.

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