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BiosWork connects people with disabilities to job opportunities.

Work matters for all people because it’s how we earn a living. It also helps us create an identity, contribute to society and make friends. People with disabilities need and want to work, too.

Serving Those with Disabilities

Employment is one of the biggest challenges for people with disabilities. The unemployment rate for this group tends to be twice as high as that for the general population. For those with developmental disabilities, unemployment rates can be as high as 85 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 50 percent of people with a disability who were unemployed reported at least one barrier to employment.

BiosWork has more than 25 years of experience helping people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment. We use assessments, job development and job coaching to leverage people’s gifts and talents, experiences and interests to help them find and keep jobs they love.

Beginning with an Assessment

We evaluate your skills, abilities and interests to know how to develop the best job for you. After an introductory meeting, we will schedule new experiences (time in the community, temporary job experiences and/or volunteer opportunities) to determine how your skills and abilities might translate into employment-type settings. This also gives us an opportunity to learn about needed adaptations.

During the assessment process, we may assist you in developing or updating your resume, developing a video resume and completing applications. The assessment process can also be used for job preparation training. This might include how to look your best for interviews and work, communication skills for interviewing and job success and how to successfully use available transportation.

Job Development

During the job development process, we meet with local employers using the information gathered during the assessment to determine potential job matches for you. Our goal is to find the best fit for you and the employer, based on positions that are available in your community. We help you follow up on applications, schedule and complete interviews, plan and assist in purchasing work clothing, such as uniforms.

Job Placement

Once you’ve landed the job, we work on-site with the employer to understand what will be needed for you to be most successful. We will work with you and your new employer to understand and communicate that support, so you can hit the ground running. During the job placement, we will connect you to a Social Security specialist who will help you understand how your salary and wages will impact your disability benefits.

Job Coaching

During the job coaching period, we help you connect to other employees at your new job and identify colleagues who can be helpful to your success. We stay connected to your employer to make sure you are progressing as expected, including meeting productivity goals.  If there are any problems or challenges, we will support you to work with your employer to resolve concerns or overcome challenges.

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